• If you're looking at starting a hydroponics project, you probably know a lot about how you can generate great tasty produce for the kitchen table -- for what about getting other uses for the green stuff that you cultivate on a regular basis?

    What about medicinal herbs and hydroponics?

    Here are some of the most popular herbs that growers use for both health and nutritional purposes.


    Basil is a really common hydroponic herb. It's a staple in Italian cooking,…

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  • Top 5 Grow Box Maintenance Tips

    Wondering how to keep your grow box in good shape for every plant cycle?

    Here are some of the best bits of advice and information that experienced growers tend to give beginners about what you'll be doing in your grow space each day.

    Check pH value

    It's important to periodically check the pH…

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  • Hydroponics and Climate change - What's the relation?

    This is a good question, but it takes some careful analysis. Let's start with climate change.

    Right now, climate change is controversial. There are still people who just don't believe that the polar ice caps are melting, that consequential rises in sea levels are going to happen, and that it's related to human behavior and activity.

    However, the science is in. There's a broad consensus in the scientific world that climate change is based on carbon gas emissions, and that it's…

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  • Medical marijuana, 4:20 & Maryjane Dispensary

    We got top grade medical marijuana and Oils for patients and smokers. PAIN KILLERS, ACTAVIS PROMETHAZINE WITH CODEINE.For A decade Now, we been cultivating our medical marijuana respecting the highest traditional cultivating standards, using the finest ingredients expertly chosen by our master farmers, All over USA, Canada and Europe. Our Medical marijuana’s unique crisp flavour is enjoyed and recognize as the perfect ingredient for health care and smoking happy times shared with friends.We got…

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  • some medical stuff for sale an for medical use only please

    Legit suppliers of various types of kush strains available an some Good products for Pain, cancer, insomnia .. they are available in Good Quality and are readily available for those in Need, we do both retailing and wholesales. We are selling just the best ,The Greatest Sativa Strains, The Greatest Indica Strains , The Greatest Hybrid Strains and the best Cali meds. just hit( instant delivery cheers

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  • medical marijuana for all medical calls

    we got amazing tells for all those in need of medical weed all type available in stock we deal locally can shipe if need be at low cost contact  for more

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    Started by jake lobel in Hydroponics 4 Replies · Reply by cook boy Oct 10, 2014
  • Cannabis seeds for sale

    Buy the best cannabis seeds online at Fast world wide delivery on all cannabis seeds and discreet packaging.

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