• Aquaponics is a great idea when it’s done right. Some of the newest strategies used by today's hydroponics growers are focusing on some broader goals and objectives -- where in the past, a small green vegetable garden was the overarching principle for the project, some growers, especially those who are building small-scale commercial projects, are aiming to combine plant growth with fish farming in a type of project called aquaponics. Some of these growers are also focusing on higher-end…

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  • Hydroponics and Beneficial Microorganisms

    Although there are a lot of impressive pieces of equipment and accessories for hydroponics that gardeners are buying and using these days, some of the most powerful tools for growing hydroponic produce and other plants are still so small that they can't be seen by the human eye. Resources that provide for good bacteria and microbes in reservoirs are some of the most important resources or anyone trying to manage a home or commercial hydroponics project.…

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  • Hydro or Traditional gardening, which one is best?

    Even though there's been a lot of change in the gardening community over the last few years, too many people still think about the idea of hydroponics versus soil-based gardening as a kind of football game where each side scores points. The reality is that there's plenty of room for both kinds of strategies and processes, because more people want sustainably grown and locally grown food.

    New Gardening Models

    The last time we really heard about mass movements towards small…

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  • Why Use Hydroponics to Grow Plants?

    Like someone with journalism training, many of our growers are good at asking the big questions, including those that have to do with the big five: what, when, who, where and why.

    So why use hydroponics to grow plants?

    Here are three of the most basic reasons why more people are getting into hydroponics after looking at the realities around sustainable gardening, where we live and what resources we tend to have on hand.

    Soil Quality

    One of the biggest basic facts…

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In the spirit of Vertical Growing here are some Grow Towers located in an urban environment. IF you live in an apartment complex, see if you can use the roof to grow your own?

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#HydroVault #Info Improving Aquaponics for Sustainable Organic Food production

Improving Aquaponics for Sustainable Organic Food production

Aquaponics is a…

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This innovative system is what you need to get more grow for your space. Perfect for Small spaces.

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