• If you're looking at starting a hydroponics project, you probably know a lot about how you can generate great tasty produce for the kitchen table -- for what about getting other uses for the green stuff that you cultivate on a regular basis?

    What about medicinal herbs and hydroponics?

    Here are some of the most popular herbs that growers use for both health and nutritional purposes.


    Basil is a really common hydroponic herb. It's a staple in Italian cooking,…

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  • Top 5 Grow Box Maintenance Tips

    Wondering how to keep your grow box in good shape for every plant cycle?

    Here are some of the best bits of advice and information that experienced growers tend to give beginners about what you'll be doing in your grow space each day.

    Check pH value

    It's important to periodically check the pH…

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  • Hydroponics and Climate change - What's the relation?

    This is a good question, but it takes some careful analysis. Let's start with climate change.

    Right now, climate change is controversial. There are still people who just don't believe that the polar ice caps are melting, that consequential rises in sea levels are going to happen, and that it's related to human behavior and activity.

    However, the science is in. There's a broad consensus in the scientific world that climate change is based on carbon gas emissions, and that it's…

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  • Medical marijuana, 4:20 & Maryjane Dispensary

    We got top grade medical marijuana and Oils for patients and smokers. PAIN KILLERS, ACTAVIS PROMETHAZINE WITH CODEINE.For A decade Now, we been cultivating our medical marijuana respecting the highest traditional cultivating standards, using the finest ingredients expertly chosen by our master farmers, All over USA, Canada and Europe. Our Medical marijuana’s unique crisp flavour is enjoyed and recognize as the perfect ingredient for health care and smoking happy times shared with friends.We got…

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  • some medical stuff for sale an for medical use only please

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  • medical marijuana for all medical calls

    we got amazing tells for all those in need of medical weed all type available in stock we deal locally can shipe if need be at low cost contact  for more

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  • Cannabis seeds for sale

    Buy the best cannabis seeds online at Fast world wide delivery on all cannabis seeds and discreet packaging.

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3D Printing and Hydroponics

One of the biggest new advances in technology is 3-D printing -- but you might not be hearing about this a whole lot.

When it comes to what people are talking about, you'll hear a lot about new iPhones and other smartphone models, home…


How to make your own Hanging Herb Garden

Some of the best new designs for hydroponics involve hanging gardens or other similar designs that pack more plants into a smaller space. For many of those were setting up hydroponics project, space is a major issue. Especially for someone trying…


How will Hyroponics help us with Space Travel?

Right now is a very exciting time for space travel.

Just a couple of weeks ago, NASA and related contractors launched the newest mission into space aimed at eventually reaching Mars and one of its moons. These kinds of activities are…


Why Hydroponics is the best Christmas Gift

It's almost time for old St. Nicholas to start climbing down the chimney again -- we know what all the naughty little boys and girls are getting for Christmas. As my three-year-old cheerfully informed me last week -- they're all getting coal! But…


How much food do I need to grow to feed a family?

For lots of people who set out to cultivate hydroponics at home, it's one of the big driving questions -- how much should I grow just to provide food for the dinner table?

Small commercial hydroponics is different -- you'll have different…


Choosing the Correct Grow Box For Your Needs

Coming up with exactly the right hydroponics equipment and grow room gear can be tough. So what exactly are you looking for to make sure you get the right grow box?

Number of Plants

Obviously, this is at the top of…


How much Energy does a Dealzer Growbox use?

Lots of beginners are interested in figuring out the energy needs that they will have while maintaining an average grow box. They start out thinking that this is a big factor, because of the way that we often think about business processes, but…


How to Scale Up your Grow Operation

Sometimes, the hardest part of a grow project isn't starting out -- it's building on an initial success and building out into a larger grow space.

So how do you practice growth in hydroponics? It's an excellent question, and one that…


How to Properly Clean Your Dealzer Grow Box

One of the most important but often overlooked aspects of hydroponic gardening is cleaning a grow box or grow space in between plant cycles.

Experienced growers will tell you, though, that cleaning is important -- just like cleaning up…


How to Use the Optimal Grow Space for Your Grow Box

One of the great things about a small, compact grow box is that you can pursue hydroponic gardening in a smaller space. To create an optimal space design for your grow box, check out some of these handy tips for initial planning and…


How to maintain perfect Ph in your GrowBox

pH value is one of the most important things for any hydroponics setup. Too high or too low of a pH value can really have a devastating effect on plants. It's not uncommon for growers to see the real effect of extreme pH levels in withering plant…


Why you are what you eat (your skin is replaced every month by the food you eat)

We've talked a lot about some of the most common reasons to do hydroponics, but other interesting arguments for this innovative type of gardening have to do with obscure science that not all of us are aware of.

One of these ideas is…


How to know 'what's wrong with your plant" (nutrient deficiency, nutrient burn etc)

Troubleshooting a hydroponics crop cycle isn't always easy.

When problems arise, it's hard for beginners or even seasoned hydroponic growers to quickly identify what's wrong with plants. Here are some general guidelines you can use to stay…


The best organic pest control methods

These days, a lot of soil farmers and hydroponics farmers have been finding out that there are lots of options for keeping worms and other crawly critters off of plants. With the rush toward organics and sustainable non-toxic farming practices,…


Black Friday Sale

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What about crayfish in aquaponics?

There are a lot of different ways to go about an aquaponics project. One is to use the most popular species of fish to produce animal products in the context of a hydroponics garden. But there are also other sea creatures that can add a lot to…


Why do you need Carbon Filters?

To some less experienced people who are setting up hydroponic gardens, carbon filters may seem like an expensive extra or an afterthought. But for seasoned professionals and experienced hydroponics project managers, carbon filters are one of the…


How much does it cost to maintain a hydroponic grow?

So maybe you’ve already plunked down the money for a hydroponics kit or grow room apparatus, and you just want to know how much it's going to cost you to maintain one of these systems over time. Or you’re drawing up a plan and trying to…


How hydroponics can improve your health

There are lots of ways that having a hydroponic garden improves your health. Here are three of the main things that people like about introducing themselves to a better diet through maintaining a small hydroponics garden in their home, or in a…


How growing your own food reduces your carbon footprint

How, you ask?

This is something we've covered before, and something a lot of growers talk about fairly often - it's a major part of why people set up hydroponic systems in a home or business space. It's also part of the major conversation…


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